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Fairies/Fairy Ring/Bells

Fairies are remarkable beings with magical powers. Looking like tiny humans, fairies can be so small that they often can be found sleeping on flower petals. Fairies have a pair of thin wings in varying colors that help them move incredibly fast. Because of their size and speed, it is very hard to actually see a fairy. However, in the morning you can see where they have been dancing the night before if you find a ring of mushrooms on your lawn.

The biggest fairy ring ever discovered was in Belfort France with a diameter of a quarter mile and believed to be 700 years old. The mushrooms that form a fairy ring are used by fairies to sit on and watch the dancing. Some say that you can be transported to another dimension by stepping into a fairy ring and dancing. Hmm, I wonder if Bea knows this?

‘Fairy Bells’ are plants with a bell shaped flower that attract butterflies ...and fairies, of course! Fairies like to ring Fairy Bells, sleep in them, and use their flowers as hats and cups. Other bell shaped flowers also attract fairies.

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