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Gnomes/House Gnome

Gnomes are clever, have a reputation for being quite mischievous and are very connected to the earth. Most gnomes prefer to live close to dark spaces where they watch over their treasure. Gnomes love treasure--particularly shiny treasure--and sometimes “permanently borrow” any household trinkets casually left out by humans (like an earring or gold barrette).

House Gnomes, like Bea’s, can also become very protective of humans (though they stay out of sight until humans are asleep). House Gnomes particularly dislike being confused with Garden Gnomes! Being of an ancient race, Gnomes speak many languages including those used by birds, insects and plants. They also kiss by rubbing noses. How about giving a gnome kiss to someone in your house that you love!

Gnomes are vegetarians and really like “root vegetables” like carrots, rutabaga, beets and potatoes.

Win treasure tokens by clicking on and doing all of the above. Get even more treasure tokens by Mind Doodling and sharing your ideas, questions, stories & artwork with the Changers!

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