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What are Changers? Let us just say, you never knew what a lightsaber was until you knew the story – that’s true here as well. A Changer is someone with a big purpose who is more than they appear. Changers ‘think outside the box’ and ‘see around corners’, imagining things as they could be and making them so.

What is Betwixting?™ is a new process introduced by BGG, where readers and their families can jump from the book to the digital platform to interact with Changers, like Bea, Gad, and Gloman.

What are the ‘Magic Words’? Magic Words appear in purple throughout the books. They are an added dimension of the connection between subscribers and the ChangersRealm and all the worlds of BGG. Here the ChangerRealm’s LibraryTeller explains.


What is Bea's Book? Bea’s Book is the first installment of TheChangers Adventure series™. Would you like to see some sample pages and meet the book’s feisty heroine, Bea? Just ask and we will send them to you!

Why is this storybook format so different? This storybook is meant to be an experience, and that is why it includes more than words and pictures. It makes you imagine “what if” and “I wonder why” and then gives you the means to find out! Ask us for a short tour!

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