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ChangersAdventures Series

The quest begins with 6 original, illustrated, children’s adventure books. The quest also has a digital platform through which the Reader and Listener connect with the ChangersRealm, and can further explore the books’ purple Magic Words, do challenges and activities (such as hunting for Gnome treasure), and submit original ideas and materials for treasure tokens.


Players can go ‘betwixt’™ to and from the books whenever they choose, as well as learn how to use purple pouch treasure sent from each character by mail. All this is done to prepare Readers and Listeners to become the Changers of tomorrow and to help the First Wizard, Gloman, in the greatest quest to save the known (and yet to be known) Universe!

Magic Words

There are purple words throughout the books that take you on a journey of exploration and activities. You can go follow and explore them via the QR code at the end of the book. 

The Game

The Game (points for each click, response & interaction) is the third pillar of the experience. Each reader and listener as a team, engage in a game that rewards imagining, mind doodling, and thinking outside the box, with the best reward given to those who create their own work! The more they do, the more rewards they earn.

Weekly Connects

We reach out and invite each team to see a video they may have missed, go on a Treasure Hunt back to the book and find, count and submit all answers! They can also listen to the ‘Wizard Why’s’, a magical & hilarious Magical Q&A for kids. 

Finally...with each book, the children get a curated ‘Changers Quest box & Game treasure samples (reusable swag) selected for them by each character, along with a note from them.

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