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85%  of children today are less creative than their 1980s counterparts

The ChangersAdventures Series is a year-long storytelling adventure designed to promote creative thinking by prompting questions, conversations, and exploration in an engaging manner for all ages

A two trilogy, team subscription & educational experience, introducing new tech, (goesbeyond QR codes), that fosters sustained engagement and creative thinking in children.

Empowering the Changers of tomorrow!

The Goal

To launch new technology and a 21st century interactive fairy-tale for a team of two: an adult (the Reader ) and a child (the Listener). These two engage with each other over a three-book Quest to go beyond what they know and, using their imaginations, grow their creativity and resourcefulness to save the world and become ‘Changers’: the beyond-the-box thinkers and doers the world needs. This is done in three children’s books
that then evolve into a second young adult trilogy. Each trilogy is shared over the course of one year, and both link to the digital Realm of the Changers. There, Readers and Listeners learn and train to become Changers through challenges, delving into the MagicWords, treasure hunts, and playing the Changers Game to win Gnome treasure and tools for saving the Cosmos!

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