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Readers Guide

Welcome to the Reader’s Guide! We hope you will find the following useful as you and your Listener share this experience! Please contact AuntM at if ever you have any questions or need help.


BY the way, The ChangersAdventures™ is always written slanting forward because Changers are always moving forward into the future! You will also see their names or titles without spaces, such as the LibrarianTeller, FirstWizard, or HouseGnome because that’s the ChangersWay!

  • What is The ChangersAdventures™?
    The ChangersAdventures™ is an interactive fairy-tale adventure designed to stimulate engagement between an adult Reader and a child Listener and exercise imagination, creativity and out-of-the-box thinking to develop the innovators and changers of tomorrow.
  • What is included in the Series?
    The ChangersAdventures™ comprises two trilogies. The first includes Bea’s Book, Gad’s Book, and Gloman’s Book for elementary school aged children. The second series is for tweens and its three books are collectively called The Infinity Tilt Trilogy. Each trilogy is a separate year-long subscription and both are connected to a digital platform that provides further interaction, exploration, information and fun!
  • Who is the ReaderGuide and ListenerChanger?
    This is a shared experience between an adult Reader and a young Listener. (though the child may be able to read and is encouraged to do so). The Reader helps navigate the pair through the experience and encourages doing all the activities, challenges and interactions with characters in the digital realm. Because of this, we refer to the adult Reader as “the ReaderGuide” (using the ChangerRealm spelling). The child is thought of as a “Changer-in-training”. Therefore, we refer to the child Listener as the “ListenerChanger”.
  • How do the ReaderGuide and ListenerChanger do the experience together?
    If the ReaderGuide and ListenerChanger are not in the same household, they will connect via FaceTime, Zoom or an online meeting platform of their choosing. Both ReaderGuide and ListenerChanger receive a hard copy of the books (I-III are included in the first year’s subscription) in addition to other elements described below.
  • How is ListenerChanger privacy maintained, and what is the role of parental supervision?
    BGG strictly upholds the privacy and safety of the ListenerChanger, a minor. If the ReaderGuide and ListenerChanger do not share the same household, all ListenerChanger materials and communications will be directed to an adult in the child’s household who then makes the material available to them and helps them connect with the ReaderGuide. Each adult supervisor of a ListenerChanger will receive a link to the Reader’s Guide along with other pertinent information.
  • What is the outcome of the experience?
    Throughout, the goal is to have the ReaderGuide and ListenerChanger engage with each other in a shared experience, and participate in the story, the challenges and activities connected with it. We hope that the experience will be fulfilling and fun--that you will grow your imaginations and think outside-the-box. Like any great journey, this experience is transformative and can help you both become the Changers of tomorrow.
  • When should you read the book?
    Both ReaderGuide and ListenerChanger receive their books at the same time. You start with Book I; approximately 17 weeks later, you both receive Book II. The third book arrives in another 17 weeks, completing the first trilogy and your subscription year. We suggest setting aside a set time(s) to get together with the ListenerChanger and read the book. Other helpful suggestions: Read at your own pace. Try using different voices for each character! Talk about the characters with your ListenerChanger. Follow the purple MagicWords!
  • MagicWords
    Sprinkled throughout each book are words written in purple. They are special, magical words that digitally lead you and your ListenerChanger to the LibrarianTeller in the ChangersRealm. There, you can learn more about each word, do activities related to it as well as accept and complete challenges that are part of your Changer training. Here is a link to the magic purple word, Dragons. Here is how it and several MagicWords are presented: Illustration Definition and special information 3 facts with links to other resources Often a video from the LibrarianTeller or other Changer Activities and challenges to do The opportunity to send your own ideas and questions to those in the ChangersRealm
  • How do you go from the book to the digital ChangersRealm?
    To get to the ChangersRealm, you and your Listener will go Full instructions can be found here: Alternatively, you can also scan the QR code found in the back of the book or below: Here is how to use it (instructions are also on the final page of each Book): Put your phone or iPad camera over the QuestReader. To reach a specific MagicWord, utilize the search bar. Click on the word you would like to explore and zip zap, you are there!
  • What are the different parts of ChangersConnects?
    Each weekly email ChangersConnects will include the following: A Video from the LibrarianTeller/Changer OR a Treasure Hunt clue (see below); A weekly podcast called ‘Wizard Whys’ from Gloman, the FirstWizard, in which he answers your Changer-related questions, trains future Changers, and presents additional challenges; ‘ChangersChat’ in which book characters and Changers tell you more about themselves and ask you questions; Storytelling where you can hear our StoryTeller Changer read each Book out loud at any time. You can also hear other stories read aloud that are connected to the ChangersRealm. Here, too, you can submit your own stories! MagicWords: more fun with the purple words found in each Book; Resource List: a list of the scholarship and materials we relied upon to bring you The ChangersAdventures™ The Reader’s Guide: where you can find out the answers to many questions about the experience and how it works. The ChangersGame is a key part of the Changer experience. It is a game played by the ReaderGuide and ListenerChanger as a Team that can earn Treasure Points from the HouseGnome. The Team with the most points at year’s end receives a special, curated prize from Gloman, the FirstWizard. The PurplePouch is mailed to the ListenerChanger for each book (total of 3 for the year). Each PurplePouch includes something from the Books’ Characters and Changers to help the ListenerChanger on the Quest and to become a Changer.
  • The ChangersGame
    The ChangersGame is one of the most important elements in The ChangersAdventures™. You and your ListenerChanger are a TEAM and you play the ChangersGame together. The ChangersGame is action-oriented-- every time you click on a link, do an activity or challenge, or send in original work and ideas, you win Treasure Points from the HouseGnome. The Team with the most Treasure Points at the end of the year wins a special prize from Gloman the FirstWizard! Here are some examples of how you play the game and win HouseGnome Treasure Points: Click on a MagicWord; Click on a link; Do a MagicWord activity; Complete a MagicWord Challenge; Open the ChangersConnects email each week; Open the different parts of each ChangersConnects; Answer the FirstWizard’s questions; Answer the Characters’ questions; Send in original drawings, ideas and questions to the Characters; Read the TreasureHunt clues and find the hidden objects in each book!
  • How to send your own questions, answers, ideas and original work to the ChangersRealm.
    You can email each character You can click the link below that is part of each weekly ChangersConnects [Link]
  • How to do the TreasureHunt
    The TreasureHunt has been devised by the HouseGnome and is part of the ListenerChanger’s Changer training. In half of the weekly ChangersConnects, the HouseGnome provides a clue to his TreasureHunt. Read the clue to determine which page in the book you should search and what you are supposed to find. Some clues are easy; others are not. A magnifying glass can be handy! We will provide each ReaderGuide with a ‘cheat sheet’ for the objects--but try it yourself first!
  • How to contact a character/Changer or get assistance/information
    For subscription assistance or to request info sent to a friend, contact <PERSON> For questions about investing, contact <PERSON> For questions about the Books and experience, contact <PERSON> To reach out to a particular character or Changer, Contact AuntM at, and put their name in the subject line.
  • Characters
    Gloman the FirstWizard: the first known Wizard and leader of the Quest. AuntM: Gloman’s housekeeper in the ChangersRealm and a Changer. The LibrarianTeller: keeper of all ChangerRealm lore. Beatrice: a young girl from earth who is asked to join the Quest. The HouseGnome, ‘Rhys the Clever’: Bea’s secret protector. The Ogre (also called ‘Silas’ and renamed ‘Dash’ by Bea): Bea’s friend, yo-yo champion and cookie lover. Tree: a conifer, Bea’s best friend and a huge gossip. Gad: a bug and Gloman’s companion.
  • Terms
    Changer: Someone who thinks outside-the-box, imagines something, and then makes it happen. The ChangersRealm: The Center of Changer training, lore and imagination. The ChangersLibrary: The place where the LibrarianTeller keeps and manages all Changer lore and ideas, including MagicWords. Betwixt™: How Changers travel from one place to another--and sometime to other times! ChangersConnects: Weekly communications between Changers/Characters and the ReaderGuide/ListenerChanger. Mind-doodling: Letting your imagination wander and think freely. The Quest: A perilous journey to save the Universe. Familiar: A Changer’s essential self in another form; a spirit guide, often an animal. Amulet: A medallion with select gems chosen for their special powers; amulets help focus Changer powers. MagicWords: Words selected by the LibrarianTeller for Changer training. MagicWords are kept in the ChangersLibrary where they can be accessed and explored. They are included in each Book, are always in purple, and are designed to help with Changer training. The TreasureHunt: A hidden-in-plain sight game within each Book, devised by the HouseGnome as part of Changer training. The ChangersGame: A game played by a ReaderGuide and ListenerChanger team in which they earn TreasureTokens for doing things related to the Books; part of Changer training. The team with the most points earns a special prize.
  • Alan: “I recently read “Bea’s Book” to my daughters and want to share some insights.”
    This experience is not a set in stone process. You can move at the pace you’d like! However, it was designed with intentions. The purpose of The ChangersAdventures™ is to spend active, fulfilling time with your close ones. You’ll utilize as many or few of the resources provided here to help accomplish this. There are several chapters within each book. Read at a pace comfortable for you and your ListenerChanger. Take time to share ideas and insights and, above all, use your imagination to further explore the themes of the story through the lens of your own individual and shared stories. Do the activities--they are designed to stimulate imagination, creative and critical thinking and they are fun! Activities and challenges connect you to the digital platform that helps immerse you both into the ChangersRealm and its adventures. To continue to support these springboards, you'll be getting weekly ChangersConnects via email. The purpose of these are to spark even more interest, conversation and creativity (think activities, fun facts, arts & entertainment). Note that you can always go back to a past ChangersConnects and respond to its questions and complete its challenges. During all of this, you and your ListenerChanger may want to send in artwork, feedback, answers to questions, etc.--and we can't wait to receive them! In sharing such items, you are also strengthening the imaginations and creativity of the rest of us. Additionally, as a positive reinforcement, these actions will provide the ListenerChanger with added points for TreasureTokens which are part of the ChangersGame.
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